Thursday, 12 October 2017

173.Barrow Mump/River Parrett (8.5 miles)


Parking TA10 0QS  Aller

This week into darkest Somerset and the famous Barrow Mump and River Parrett Trail, a short walk and mostley flat apart from the Mump.

Starting off we soon get a view of the the Mump, Burrow Mump is also known as St Michael's Borough or Tutteyate. Both words 'burrow' and 'mump' mean hill.

Lots of open wide landscapes with many droves, droves mean green lane or water ditch linking fields for drainage or access.

The Hills behind are Exmoor.

Really great to see some wildlife, the Fox a male i think was digging something, i carried on into field got within 40 ft of him and he darted off.

Crossing main road this is other side of Barrow Mump.

After a few fields and the River Parrett we come to the 
 24 metre or 79 ft high hill. The site has been called King Alfred's Fort, but there is no evidence of it being a fort or having any link with Alfred the Great, apart from its ownership by the nearby Athelney Abbey which he established and was linked to Burrow Mump by a causeway.

Leaving the hillside behind and follow alongside River Parrett, make sure you don't cross road bridge. Take the immediate left by The King Alfred pub.  
Don't make my mistake!

Follow on to more open somerset levels fields and droves.

The last view of the Mump before i'm back at Aller, was hoping to see some Common Cranes but unfortunately only saw Grey Herons. Aller moor is often frequented by the Cranes up to 40 birds can be seen , sometimes!

That's all for this week, join me again next week  :)

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

172.Cheddar up over with reservoir (9 miles)


Parking Cheddar BS27 3NN

So first week back and Cheddar Gorge it was but weather not very good with spits and spots of rain most of the day although rain proper didnt start till end.

After the slog up the east face through the trees you come to some brilliant views, but today a bit misty, out across towards the Somerset Levels.

A Common inkcap Mushroom

Cheddar Reservoir and the final destination ahead.

One of the many Goats on the Gorge cliffs.

Don't do it !

The grey light didn't help my photography but still stunning.

Leaving the Gorge behind i crossed the road and entered Black Rock area.

Spotted this VW Transporter not looking its best, sad, as i have one, wouldn't want Bilko to end up like this !

A few Mushrooms about these are ..... not sure any guess's ?

Sat here for a sandwhich weather started to get a bit worse !

Soon off hill and alongside Cheddar Reservoir no rare birds just dog walkers :(

In to Cheddar Village and the Cheddar Market Cross built in the 1890s and still looks good.
That was the walk this week not a high scoring one or great one to start back but some great views, next week promises to be a classic once i've done it !

That's all for this week, join me again next week  :)

171.Urban Bristol with Docks & Suspension Bridge (10 miles)


Parking here Bristol BS3 4TY

Did this walk on 03/05/2017 Wow just realised i didn't put it up ! 
Been so busy see here.

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So not been out walking much , but i'm back now.
Things a bit vague starting in Bristol urban sprawl through the parks with riverside forgotten paths and Cabot's Tower with fantastic views over Bristol. Here's the pictures.

Love this pic 3 tons! Lol

Not mine but a excellent picture showing the dock in full working order

A Bankys, tucked away in a back street.

Cabot's tower looking down

Bristol Temple Meads

That's all for this week, join me again next week  :)